Monday, August 13, 2012



It is Saturday morning and I am out at the Easton mall with my girl Brandi doing some shopping. We try to hook up with each other at least once a week to have a girl’s day. With our busy schedules, sometimes these days are far and few in. Normally every day I am with my brother Lamar, either making moves to drop off some dope to his many clients or plotting to get a rival hustler. He and I have been setting people up for about two years now. I must say that I do like manipulating a man’s mind and then robbing him for everything he has not leaving a trace of my whereabouts. I am living a good life. I do like making the quick money when we do the drop-offs, but I much rather take a man’s money after putting in the time and giving myself to him. Lamar watches each one of my licks carefully making sure that he has enough money for us to take. I enjoy being the “show girl” for my licks to show off for his boys and spend money on. I never catch feelings for a target or let them get close to me. Lamar has warned me that when I catch feelings for a target that is when I will let my guard down and my life will be in jeopardy. Although some of these men are very well off, damn handsome, drive European cars, dress nice, and treat me very well. I have to keep it strictly business.

Walking out of the shoe store with three boxes of heels, I attempt to cross the street heading for the lingerie store but my cell phone suddenly rings. I answer the call quickly seeing that the caller is my brother. Lamar tells me that he needs me to meet him at my apartment so I can ride with him and his boys to meet a new customer, here in Columbus. Brandi overhears my conversation and her body language shows her attitude. Lamar tells me that I can make $1,500 just walking in the place with him. I am not hurting for money but after spending $500 on heels and another $300 on a pair of glasses, a bitch needs to get paid. I jump at the opportunity and tell him that I will be in the house before he gets off the highway.

Lamar picks me up in his brand-new candy painted blue Range Rover with his best friend Scotty in the back. I ask why he did not tell me about this job yesterday and he claims that it just came up. The person whom we are going to meet knows another crew that Lamar deals with. The crew had said that the guy wasn’t wanting anything too big because he mainly focuses on his legitimate businesses but keeps a few bricks of cocaine in the streets. Hearing that I knew that this was not somebody my brother wanted me to introduce myself to and possibly rob. We only focused our attention on men who had bricks on deck themselves and was moving a lot of weight.

We arrive at our meeting location, on the east side of Columbus. I am stunned to see that we are meeting a drug dealer at a hair and nail shop. Lamar reads my face and bust out laughing. He and I exit the truck walking inside of the shop leaving Scotty behind to watch our backs. When we enter all of the employees stop and stare along with some of the customers. I smile at the attention and walk directly towards the owner’s office. Lamar steps in front of me gripping one hand on the duffel bag and the other hand on his pistol. I do not know if I should pull my little 380 out or take a seat to get a fill in. Lamar allows me to get around him so that he can close the door behind us. At the office desk sits this fine ass light-skinned brother with waves swirling around his head as if he was on a hair box. His muscular build showed through his V- neck T-shirt. He quickly ends his call and embraces my brother with a manly hug. I study his body very well believing that he reminds me of the R&B singer and producer Tank. The only difference between the two is that you can see his thug swagger. I take a seat on the soft leather sofa and imagine him and me in my bed making love in every position. I catch myself closing my eyes tighter and rubbing my thighs. Lamar breaks my concentration shoving my shoulder telling me that it is time to leave. Time went by so fast that all I remember was Lamar bustin’ open a brick for him to taste. Before I could stand to my feet, the man rushed over to me and begged to allow him to assist me. I am amazed by his actions, not ever knowing a man to be a thug and a gentleman. His actions took me by such a surprise that I cannot resist but smile. He does not hesitate to complement me on my beauty and smile. Lamar laughs once again but takes no time to leave for the truck. I try to speed walk behind Lamar but I am being cautious not to fall in these heels. The last thing I want is to make a fool of myself in front of him and a crowd of jealous bitches. He stays right behind me step by step. I purposely sway my hips so that he can take notice at my luscious curves. Just before I reach the door, he asks me to stop and talk to him. I wonder what took him so long. I wanted him to stop me in front of everyone so they can really have something to look at. I turn to him trying to resist from smiling again but I cannot. Here I am twenty-six years old and I am acting as if I am in high school again.

“Can I get your name?” he said politely.

“Yes you may. My name is Treasure.” I said like a schoolgirl.

“Treasure that is a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you.” I reply.

“Well, I don’t ever mix business with pleasure but I have to be able to take you out. I know that I don’t look like much right now but I wasn’t expecting to see someone as beautiful as you today.”

His words surprise me. I have a loss for words. I pull out my cell phone and ask for his number so that I can call him. He saves my number and tells me that his name is Rashad.